Gillett Meats
214 Railroad Street
Gillett, Wisconsin 54125

Store Hours:
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 8:00-5:00
Wed. 8:00-Noon
Sat. 9:00-Noon

Phone 920-855-2898

Visa/Mastercard Debit or Credit and EBT cards accepted

Processing YOUR Meat YOUR Way!!!

State Inspected

Custom Butchering


In-Store Specials

Fresh Cut Steaks

Home-Smoked Sausages & Snack Sticks

1/2 Beef & 1/2 Hog

Locally Grown Ground Beef

Large Variety of Homemade Brats

Full Service Meat Counter

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Gillett Meats is a state inspected, small town, family owned and operated butcher shop. Schedule your livestock for butcher, bring us your wild game, or stop in and shop at our full service retail store. We are truly an "Old Fashioned Butcher Shop". You won't find a lot of fancy processing equipment, but you will find a family team committed to producing and processing the best quality products in a safe and clean environment.

Each order is processed individually from start to finish. We process one beef or hog at a time. We process one batch of wild game at a time. For many years we raised our own livestock for our family and know the importance of getting your own meat back. Whether you are purchasing beef or pork from a farmer or you raise your own, you can be confident the meat you brought or purchased is the meat you will take home.

We are a state inspected facility and strictly follow all the state and federal rules and regulations required. We operate under an effective HACCP plan, ensuring all processing and products are safe, pure and wholesome from start to finish. We have the same daily inspection and we follow the same rules as the larger facilities.

We dry-age your beef instead of using an acid spray, and offer your beef boneless or bone-in, giving you many more options at no additional cost. If you have a special request we will do whatever we can to accommodate you. You can feel comfortable knowing the family that owns and operates this facility will be the same individuals cutting your steaks and grinding your burger. We also welcome you to come and visit, we do not process behind closed doors.

Our retail shop offers a full line of fresh beef and pork, our own delicioius smoked sausages and our own home smoked bacon and jerky. We have a large variety of Bratwurst, made only with high quality pork and no added fillers. We offer the best hamburger around; we process fresh from our local farmers. Come and taste the difference!!! Please check out our Products Page for a complete listing.



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